Friday, November 14, 2008

"Dondang Kaseh" Music Video: Audition Updates!

Good news guys,

Cross your fingers and pray that Auburn gets a sponsor in January, when we will commence shooting. Everyone, including our producer, creative consultant and YOU as the talent will get a fee which everyone deserves if all goes to plan.

We'll not only be able to increase our day's shoot to two or maybe even three days but CGI works will be that much more enhanced because of the extra funds. As for the band, if there's nothing left that's ok, we're just happy to put our art out there. Hopefully the sponsor/product placement clause won't be too embarassing. Well, it's a small price to pay for a lasting film (hopefully, God-willing).

The audition date still stands, same time (Sunday, 30 November, 5pm) at Karya Labs in Damansara Perdana. We'll get a map up soon for y'all. It's just a casual thing, a low-pressure situation really.

Just be ready to talk in front of a viewcam for the director to replay and confirm later whose most suitable from among the few of you girls. Oh, and remember to say hi and send a picture or something first to emer.ezwan @ or auburn @!

Yours faithfully,


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jom Be In Our First Video

Dear Angels!

The time has finally come for us to embark on a music video project and we are seeking one femaletalent among our friends and listeners to star in this video with us.

For our new song/single, "Dondang Kaseh Aurora", we are looking for a 'classic Malaysian beauty'to carry the storyline opposite our male lead.

Casual auditions will take place at Karya Labs, Damansara Perdana on Sunday, November 30th from 5pm to dusk.

Whoever's interested can send photographs (anything, anything at all but boring mug shots) to usat auburn @ or emer.ezwan @ a day or two beforehand.

All we are really looking for is a certain earthiness, so just come as you are and if you have that something special, you will win our hearts and join us in the video.

Note: It's just on a volunteer level so we're asking you to do it pro-bono. On the upside, you get to express yourself. And in the interest of preserving authenticity of the treatment, Pan-Asian, Eurasian and professional models are not encouraged.

We offer thanks in advance and would be honoured to seeing what you have.

Yours faithfully,


"Ruang Hati" Lyrics & 'Radio Rosak' Preview

Halo Angelfolk...

Saja nak update pasal compilation Radio Rosak: Permulaan Baru yang akan release bulan depan (Disember) insya Allah, God willing. Kalau takde aral melintang. It's out of our hands, kitorang menunggu je sama macam korang.

Anyway, here are the lyrics for one song, "Ruang Hati", so boleh tengok-tengok dulu. Kalau nak dengar preview boleh pi dekat website Neo Gendang: (

The other song in the compile will be "Dondang Kaseh Aurora", our other single. This one yang akan ada video (planning) sekali dengan T-shirt sempena tema & jalan cerita video ini.

Dengar cerita, lagu ni maybe akan dimuatkan jugak ke dalam kompilasi lain untuk projek Muzium Negeri Pahang! How weird is that? Syukur...mudah mudahan.

In other news, we're always looking to play out with our friends Stonebay, Brainhead, Indka and Tempered Mental. So maybe there will be something there sometime next year but we'll update you more bila ada something lebih konkrit.

Itujelah, for now...from us,


So take care guys, and don't let the world get you down..."music is the only thing that makes sense anymore."

"Ruang Hati" oleh Auburn

Lagu: Auburn/Izuan Shah
Senikata: Izuan Shah

Hei, sahabat!
Salam, selamat pulang
Ke ruang hati
Ku ini

Ku setia menunggu

Rangkap 1
Tersentap sewaktu, jahiliah
Oh, terciptalah lagu, pengampunan
Lantas ku bertapa

Ampunilah aku, tak sempurna
Ku hamba biasa
Siapa kau yang tentukan ku ke syurga
Kita serupa

Aku sanggup merentas, siksa hidup, tanpa berteman
Sabar menanti, aku akur, walausekalipun
Sengasaraku pedih sementara

Rangkap 2
(Maaf, ku melintas)
Seingatnya aku, kau sesat
Angkuh, kau meraban

Memangpun ko sibuk, berpesta, tak sudah-sudah merana
Manalah kau campakkan pendirian
Ego, kau berangan

Aku tulus melintas, rahmat hidup, tanpa menyesal
Dan ruang hati ku merdeka
Kerna ku tahu, sengsaraku hanya sementara, sahaja

Hei, sahabat...
Usahlah kau pulang lagi
Ke ruang hati, ku ini

Ku takkan menunggu

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Nine Songs (For Like, Right Now)

...Because plugging just your own band all the time makes things pretty tasteless and boring. Aha, lighten up...

Google them or whatever. Check 'em out!

1. Milliz "Can't Get It Back" - The sound of music. One sings like the Pacific winds (Michelle) and the other (Ling) plays piano like ... how Jonny Greenwood plays guitar.

2. Quest of Quasar "Father of Lies" - The greatest punk rock band in these lands.

3. Yuna "Rocket" - Beautiful natural voice and wit. Her art is how not to be a tryhard. Just...nice.

4. Butterfingers "Joget Global" - One word: Malaysiana.

5. Mastodon "Capillarian Crest" - This is just sick. Ask our friends in Indka. Thanks Rudy, for the initial recommendation.

6. The Rebel Scum "Bakdatang" - Hip hop is kicking rock's ass. Damn son. We gotta get our shit together.

7. Love Me Butch "Divine" - Faster, stronger, more power. A lot more singing and wide-open melodies from Syarul. And Wing Meng shreds. Phuqin' A.

8. The Velvet Teen "Penicillin (It Doesn't Mean Much)" - Kudos to Lurks for spotting this influence in our new songs.

9. Stonebay's "New English Songs" - It appears our brothers have scrapped their all-Malay album and are back to them English songs. And they rock. Yeah, we've got to mix it up y'know?

Monday, July 14, 2008

Some New Vieuphoria

Some new moving pictures from our recent shows, courtesy of Stephie. Just run a Youtube search on "admonitio" (sorry I'm in a hurry...maybe I'll get around to embedding, maybe not). Just some notes on the songs then.

Rocking out at the Nokia Independent Artists' Club concert @ Zouk

"Angel Sestina" - a new favourite we've been playing

"Advertisement (Where the Hearts Grow)" - a song we've just got done mixing

"Dondang Kaseh Aurora" - a.k.a. "Aurora Blues" kept real

Plus some Acoustic Takes @ No Black Tie, May 2008

"To Be Continued" - an acoustic version of the last song on Karya

"Angel Sestina" - an acoustic version of a potential album track

Well, spot the chinks in the armoury. Uh...don't be too hard on us. And um, stay inspired...or we might just open for Daughtry or something.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Urbanscapes 2008

Well, we'll be performing at the third Urbanscapes festival. How we were invited, at what seems like last gasp, with a little more than a week to the day of the festival, is a little surprising. How we were told that it's all supposed to be according to the number of votes for us is even more humbling.

Thing is we were never and never have been into music as competition and we're aware enough anyway of our shall we say, cult listenership, and we're indebted to each and every one of you guys, but man, to be voted for once is ... unreal. So thank you dear friends.

KLue Urbanscapes 2008 is at KLPac in Sentul West next Saturday, June 28th from late morning onwards. There'll be lots of art, clothes and film exhibits alongside the music ( We'll be at the Lawn Stage outside at 6.30pm, which starts from 1.30pm.

Come on down and hang out. Gulp. Wish us luck. God of Rock, we appeal to you ... shine down your light!

"The Endless Summer": Humble Origins

I think I remember when the chords came to me. I was just messing about with some awkward tuning which was impossible to play anything else in except for these four chorus chords. Hmm. Alright, any fellow geetar nerds out there, it's D-A-D-Bb-D-F ... go on, take it ... I dare you to try and play something with it. It was pure luck for me, I swear to God!

I remember it was a holiday, Hari Raya in fact. Surroundings were idyllic, on a little island called Damansara Indah. The teevee had a little movie on called "Toll Gate Girl", with Amy Mastura in it.

What I cannot for the life of me remember is why I found myself glued to the screen. I wouldn't have ever given a second thought to most things on local teevee ... but this one gave me a song.

Perhaps it was the Raya spirit that just has a way of sucking you in; perhaps I just felt a rare moment of liberation of having a house all to myself on a big celebration day and knowing that everyone else had preferred to go out and I would then be at liberty to make as much noise as I wanted. Perhaps it was the weird rush of pent-up thoughts and feelings you get when you're just idiotically in love with someone but at the same time kind of tragically unrequited, too (no, it wasn't Amy Mastura).

I've been having friends in much cooler bands tell me over the two or three years since that it's such a dumb title due to our country's equatorial conditions not allowing for any seasonal changes and therefore no summer, winter, autumn and spring. I tell them that it's about our and if they still insist on being literal dicks about it, that it's about our endless Malaysian summers, smartass.

And to the band Sugar Ray, whom I discovered had a song with an almost identical title to it (I wouldn't be surprised if there are others), I'd just like to say, we have a less-cheesy sounding version so there. Ha. I actually meant it as a metaphor for true love, crippling pain and all.

I was later told that "Toll Gate Girl" (dir: Osman Ali, 2001) is a classic, and the last great appearance by Amy Mastura. I'll have to sheepishly agree, if only for this song, which I'll be grateful for forever (I can't say that about all of our songs which I've written) ... so uh, thanks a lot Amy Mastura.

I can't wait for this to come out in any way shape or form on record. I'm sure it'll be soon. If anyone likes the song as much, cool. Well at least I know the person I wrote it for likes it back.

Next: Lyric sheet perhaps?